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A public relations specialist with more than 16 years experience in advertising, public relations and media, both in print journalism and in movie production, Ms. Zadrzynska is a Co-founder of InterAccess Inc., a cross-cultural advertising and PR firm based in New York City. Focusing on providing expertise in the field of marketing to the Polish, Russian, Ukrainian communities in the United States, Ms. Zadrzynska has planned, coordinated and supervised production of advertising in the Polish and Russian languages as well as other East-European languages. Ms. Zadrzynska has directed public relations events for numerous corporate, governmental and non-profit clients and partners including: AT&T, MCI, Western Union, CIGNA International, Telecom USA, and Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. In Poland, she won acclaim for her features in the weekly Polityka and for fiction writing that can be found on reading lists in public schools in Poland. Ms. Zadrzynska is also a frequent contributor to Polish and US media. Her articles appeared in The New York Times, New York Newsday and in Polish magazines: Polityka, Kultura, Gazeta Wyborcza, Twoj Styl. For her work in journalism Ms. Zadrzynska was awarded the prestigious Professional Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University.







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